Simple, yet powerful power-ups baked into the Draft plugin that enhance the WordPress block editor.

Add a link to the core group block. This is one of our favorite power-ups and it makes it effortless to use the Tailwind CSS group utility class. See it in action in the how it works section above.

Turn the core gallery block into a carousel with the flip of a toggle. No additional plugins required.

Archive label filter

Remove or replace archive title block labels such as ‘Category:’, ‘Tag:’, ‘Taxonomy:’, etc..’. Check out our block pattern library to see this in action in the archive title.

Dark mode toggle

Turn any core html block into a dark mode toggle button. Dark mode toggles anywhere = fun.

Try it out:

Meta description tag

Meta description tags are Critical for getting a perfect lighthouse score. SEO optimize pages and posts by adding meta description tags without adding a bloated SEO plugin.

Remove core block patterns

Core block patterns are great, but sometimes it’s nice to remove them altogether using this power-up.