Build WordPress Websites Fast with Tailwind CSS.

Add Tailwind CSS to WordPress with the Draft plugin.

Quickly build WordPress sites using Tailwind CSS, without leaving WordPress.

“How it should be done”

What you have done makes the whole enterprise of using the block editor “Safer” and in this context third party vendors should only be allowed to override existing blocks in core by plugging in their own UI and features.


!important features

Unlock the powers of Tailwind CSS in WordPress, without leaving your website.

Quickly create a design system

Configure Tailwind CSS

Configure Tailwind CSS just like you would from your code editor, without leaving the dashboard.

Effortlessly style every block

Add utility classes to blocks

Add ANY Tailwind CSS utility class to core WordPress blocks, plus any other block that supports adding CSS classes.

Responsive to the core

Design for every device

Add custom breakpoints ( sm, md, lg, xl, 2xl ) and responsive styles to all the core WordPress blocks, plus any block that supports adding CSS classes.

Use any state in the block editor

Add hover, focus, & every other state

Easily add styles, such as background & font colors, for ALL the states ( hover, focus, active, disabled, before, after dark, etc. ).

Blazing fast page loads

Purge unused CSS

Keep your CSS footprint small by purging any unused styles without leaving the dashboard.

But wait, there’s more!

The simplicity of adding Tailwind CSS utility classes to WordPress is great, but don’t we all want a little more control?

Use with any theme

While we do have a theme built specifically for Draft, Draft works flawlessly with any WordPress theme built for the block editor.

ALL the Google fonts

Effortlessly creating beautiful Typography is easy with ALL the Google fonts ( we use Bunny fonts so these are GDPR Compliant) baked into the Draft plugin.

Simple import/export

Supercharge your development workflow by effortlessly Importing & Exporting your Tailwind configuration between sites.

Add custom CSS

With a built in code editor you can easily Apply Tailwind CSS classes to any site element and add whatever custom CSS you need.

Plus powerful, power-ups!

Simple, yet powerful power-ups baked into the Draft plugin that enhance the WordPress block editor.

Group Block Link

Add a link to the core group block. This is one of our favorite power-ups and it makes it effortless to use the Tailwind CSS group utility class. See it in action in the how it works section above.

Gallery Carousel

Turn the core gallery block into a carousel with the flip of a toggle. No additional plugins required.

Archive Label Filter

Remove or replace archive title block labels such as ‘Category:’, ‘Tag:’, ‘Taxonomy:’, etc..’. Check out our block pattern library to see this in action in the archive title.

Dark Mode Toggle

Turn any core image block into a dark mode toggle button. Dark mode toggles anywhere = fun.

Try it out:

Meta Description Tag

Meta description tags are Critical for getting a perfect lighthouse score. SEO optimize pages and posts by adding meta description tags without adding a bloated SEO plugin.

Remove Core Block Patterns

Core block patterns are great, but sometimes it’s nice to remove them altogether using this power-up.

More coming soon!

We’re OBSESSED with building things for the block editor. Rest assured, we’ve got more exciting power-ups in the pipeline.

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