Theme Docs

The Draft theme is a bare-bones, universal, block-based, full-site-editing WordPress theme. Phew – that’s a mouthful!

Let’s unpack all of this and then dive into how to quickly start building WordPress sites using the Free Draft WordPress theme.

Bare Bones WordPress Theme

At its essence, the Draft theme removes most of the block settings UI from the block editor and instead moves it all into utility classes.

For example, instead of picking font sizes from the block editor font-size picker, you use utility classes. You can add these font-size utility classes to blocks from a block’s toolbar or the Advanced section of the sidebar.

OR, to really speed things up, you can ‘apply’ font-size utility classes globally from the Draft plugin settings and then if you want to override a specific block’s style, simply add utility classes to the block inline.

Universal Block-Based WordPress Theme

What makes the Draft WordPress theme universal? The idea is that it serves as the foundation for all your designs.

Instead of having a bunch of different themes for different use cases, we use the Tailwind CSS configuration settings to adjust the styles, colors, fonts, etc. You can then easily Import/Export those configuration settings between site instances.

Full-Site-Editing WordPress Theme

Finally, the Draft WordPress theme doesn’t ship with any templates or template-parts. You would instead grab one from the block pattern library, block template library, or create them yourself.

One of the current issues of FSE is that if you switch themes, if you didn’t create your templates or template-parts, they won’t persist unless you switch back. So, we think you should just create them. Plus, there’s the added benefit of knowing how your entire site fits together – this will help you create a mental model of your site’s structure.