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Add Tailwind CSS utility classes to Gutenberg blocks

The Draft WordPress plugin is simple, yet powerful. Effortlessly build beautiful, responsive WordPress websites by adding Tailwind CSS utility classes to Gutenberg blocks.

It sounds almost too simple, add utility classes to blocks. That’s the point!

We’ve been iterating over and over ( and over ) trying to uncover our ideal version of a minimalist WordPress website builder.

Interestingly, adding utility classes to blocks unlocks all kinds of opportunities to supercharge your website building workflow.

Imagine you’re working on two WordPress sites, both with the Draft Pro plugin installed. Because the underlying CSS and class naming conventions are the same between two different WordPress installs, you can copy and paste responsive pages, parts, & patterns and they’ll just work.

If you override the default utility class configuration on each website, they’ll instantly consume all of the global theme styles such as colors, fonts, font sizes, etc., on that install.

We are OBSESSED with optimizing the WordPress website building workflow and we have lots of exciting stuff in the development pipeline.